Download SportsTracker bulk export version 1.1, unzip file and start STExport.exe (changelog and previous versions are available here).
Unregistered users are limited to exporting only workouts under 45 minutes long!

Registration is available through Paypal for 3.99 EUR only.

Due to Sports-Tracker login process change, registration is not available at the moment. Please be patient, we will try to resolve problem as soon as possible. 

Minimum system requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Available Internet Connection
  • Valid Sports-Tracker Account
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20 thoughts on “Download

  1. Håvard Eriksen

    I’ve now downloaded this and paid the fee for it, but when I try to start it, I keep getting the following error message:
    [Window Title]
    Sports-Tracker bulk export

    Login error: Access violation at address 0072286E in module ‘STExport.exe’. Read of address 00000000


    I’m running Windows 7 x64. I really want to get my data exported asap, so please look into this.

      • Håvard Eriksen

        OK, it seems it is able to connect in spite of the error message, but it says I’m running an unregistrered version. Please look into this.

    • Hi
      The registration process is done manually, so there comes up to one day delay. I just registered your username, so you should be able to login now.

      If you still get login error, please let me know.

      Happy new year and enjoy using Sports Tracker bulk export

      • hi

        i’m trying to use it but program told me that registration is needed,
        could you please help?

      • At this moment registration is not possible due to an error during login process to SportsTracker web page. I prefer Paypal, but after resolving login issue I could also arrange bank transfer (SWIFT/BIC codes)

  2. Ragnar Moller

    Seems to work now 14/7/2015. But I guess my downloads are cut down to the fist 45 minutes.

    Your price is reasonable. Can you verify it works now?

    R Moller

  3. Patrick Lelie

    It works, I can login export my workoutsand load thzem in strava
    Great, Great, Great
    Please let me register, so i can continue with my switch to strava. !!!
    Hury up, before they change the login process again 🙂

  4. Hi, is the application actually working? If so please let me know where i can send the donation fee (and how much).


  5. Hi,
    Have you solved the login problem to SportsTracker? Is the application currently working? If so I will be interested to buy it and use it.
    Please let me know.

  6. Hi, I need to download not just the GPX files but I also want the steps information. Is that possible with your program. I didn’t see it in my try. Also a script error pops up every second when the map is visible in the program. I can share a screenshot with you if you are interested.


    • Hi
      I’m sorry, I don’t support this program anymore, so there are probably some errors.
      As far as I remember the steps information were not downloaded with GPX files.


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