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10 thoughts on “Screenshots

  1. Andreas Kroschel

    After paying, quitting the program and re-connecting, I’m still showing up as unregistered. What went wrong? sports tracker username is akroschel

    • Actually nothing went wrong, but registration process is done manualy and may take up to 1 working day. I registered your username yesterday so login should be OK now.

      Enjoy using Sports-Tracker bulk export

  2. I have about 50 routes i wish to download as GPX files, and upload to Strava or Sportstracker.
    Will this tool do this?
    Do I need sportstracker premium for it to work?
    How does the phone connect to my pc? USB or wireless network?

    • I’m not sure where is your tracks stored now. I assume you are not using Sportstracker right now (as you wrote you want to upload GPX files to Strava or Sportstracker). For Sports-Tracker bulk export you don’t need Sportstracker premium account.

      If you have tracks in some application on your phone then it all depends on this application.
      If you already have GPX files on your phone then it is easy to import those files into Strava or Sportstracker. I’m not familiar with Strava but on Sportstracker web site there is Import link in Dashboard where you can import GPX files directly to Sportstracker web site.

    • I’m sorry. There is no registration option at the time. I have to resolve some problems with SportsTracker login process.

  3. Timo Ryttäri


    I’m considering moving to other platformi if ST doesn’t start to offer better support for cycling and this seem pretty useful in terms of exporting my x hundred workouts. Does it include all the data in the excercise or are there limitations? I use both heartrate monitor and speed & cadence sensor so I’d like get all of that collected.



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